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Braun Series shavers – Be irresistibly smooth to the touch

Braun Series shavers provide you with a particularly close and thorough shave, which you can not only see, but also feel. You can find the perfect shaver for your needs out of a choice of four different product lines. From high-quality entry models in the Series 1 up to the super premium shavers of Series 7.

Braun Series electric shavers are as diverse as our consumers

I want a perfectly close shave and skin comfort
Braun Series 7 provides a dynamic shaver head which oscillates with thousands of micro vibrations per minute to help capture more hairs with every stroke – for Braun’s closest, most comfortable shave ever.

I want a smooth skin without a single hair left
Both Braun Series 7 and Series 5 provide the ActiveLift™ – a patented active middle trimmer between the two foils – that lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs. That gives you the certainty of a thorough and close shave – even in problem areas.

I want a fast shave without my skin being irritated
Braun Series 7, Series 5 and Series 3 have the 3-Stage Cutting System consisting of twin foils and an integrated cutter. It shaves both short and long hairs in one stroke to prevent skin irritation caused by repeated shaving in the same area.

I want a simple solution to keep my shaver clean
Braun Series 3, 5 and 7 shavers include the Clean & Renew™ System, which acts as a stand for your shaver while it’s not in use. Simply touching a button starts the cleaning process. What’s more, the cleaning fluid is alcohol based. So the shaver isn’t just cleaned, it’s hygienically cleaned. Additionally, the shaver battery is automatically charged while in the Clean & Renew™ System, leaving it fully powered. Lastly, the fluid also lubricates the cutting elements at the same time to keep your blades in optimum condition.